About Sue Denkinger

I’m a 30-year resident of Shoreview, the mother of two grown daughters who attended Island Lake Elementary, St. Odilia School, Chippewa Middle School and Mounds View High School. 

I also am the proud Grandmother of three wonderful children.

  A fun fact:.  My daughters and I all graduated in the same year—one from high school, one from college and me with a graduate degree.  I grew up in St. Paul, MN.  In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, travel, being outdoors and playing piano, guitar and singing.

Sue Denkinger for Shoreview

My education is from Augsburg University with both an undergraduate degree in Communications and a Masters of Business Administration.  I am retired from Thomson Reuters (also known as West Publishing).  My career covered roles  as diverse as Manufacturing (printing/publishing), leading the Customer Service organization and working on enterprise software installation projects.  Two of these roles involved working with global divisions in Australia, India, South America, Canada, Costa Rica, and the Philippines .  My work required a high degree of collaboration with people in a wide variety of roles, different cultures, work-styles and locations.  I truly enjoyed collaborating with others toward a common goal.  I work hard and enjoyed developing the skills and talents of those who worked for me.  I am direct, work hard to be objective and believe in giving your best in everything you do.