A Shoreview small business appreciates Shoreview

I stopped by the WinkinRooster.com last week for a take out lunch and asked the owner how his business was doing. He said business has picked up and that they were getting more catering orders which helped the business.

Then I introduced myself as one of his city council members and he shared with me that he’s been visited multiple times by the mayor, two other council members reached out or stopped by lunch, and how much he appreciates the support he receives from the city. That’s good to hear. Shoreview has a talented and committed city staff who proactively works to anticipate business needs, an Economic Development Commission comprised of citizen volunteers and local business owners, and a BRE program (Business Retention and Expansion).

Back to the story: when the pandemic hit, the City of Shoreview provided a small business emergency assistance program which helped the Winkin’ Rooster and nearly 30 other businesses weather the spring lockdown and COVID-19 related business impacts.

It was gratifying to see that this business is recovering. It’s a great place for lunch and breakfast and does catering by the way. The staff is friendly. And the food? It’s great.