Elect Sue Denkinger for Shoreview Mayor

Why am I running for Mayor?

These uncertain times call for experienced leadership to maintain our city’s quality of life and services while looking to addressing future challenges and opportunities for Shoreview residents.

What will I bring to the City? 

First and foremost, my passion for civic involvement! In addition to City Council service over the past years, I bring collaborative experience from my business career and from working on policy matters with the League of MN Cities and leading the Ramsey County League of Local Governments in 2019. In my service with the Shoreview Economic Development Commission I’ve seen firsthand the importance of fostering business growth and retention in our community. Housing issues are always a top priority and my 5+ years’ experience with the Economic Development Authority have allowed me to work on initiatives that support affordable housing and expand programs for new and existing homeowners to purchase and/or improve their homes.

What do I hope to achieve?

It’s important to maintain focus on what has made our city successful: collaborative leadership, maintaining our high financial rating and quality of life, and keeping an eye on future needs and opportunities.  My plan is to continue focusing on Shoreview economic development and on housing policy and initiatives that provide the opportunity for an optimal quality life to all of our residents.


Shoreview is a successful, stable and secure community with a history of strong fiscal management and a legacy of beautiful parks and trails.  I believe that maintaining the quality of the community is an overarching goal.  If re-elected, I  also plan to focus on:

1)  Economic Development:  Focus on business retention and expansion to keep our tax base vibrant and attract quality jobs.

2)  Housing opportunities for new and existing residents 

3)  Quality of life issues most important to residents: Public Safety, Environment and Sense of Community.

We are a nearly fully developed community which presents challenges for both economic development and housing options.  However we have opportunities  in these areas with the help of our  Business Expansion and Retention program, strategic approach toward  redevelopment opportunities, and the ability to manage our activities by maintaining our AAA bond rating and ongoing fiscal discipline.

About Sue Denkinger

I’m a 30-year resident of Shoreview, the mother of two grown daughters who attended Island Lake Elementary, St. Odilia School, Chippewa Middle School and Mounds View High School. 

I also am the proud Grandmother of three wonderful children.

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  1. City of Shoreview named as the 2019 Sustainable City Award recipient by the League of Minnesota Cities
  2. Shoreview achieved achieved Green Step Cities Level 5 and has maintained that highest level
  3. 2019 President, 2020-2121 Executive Board, and current Shoreview Board member of the Ramsey County League of Local Governments. RCLLG is comprised of Ramsey County local governments and school boards collaborating toward best practices and coordinated support of policies
  4. 2022 President of the Economic Housing Development Authority: Expansion of Shoreview home improvement loans to include down payment assistance, affordable housing policies toward renter protection and development/redevelopment guidelines 
  5. Public safety improvements to City Hall parking lot for safer access to library and destination park
  6. Installation of Electric Vehicle charging stations and solar array on Shoreview city maintenance facility
  7. Redevelopment of obsolete/unoccupied buildings into new housing and renovated business center 
  8. Shoreview Community Center Expansion and Shoreview Commons redesign, including the new destination playground
  9. Shoreview is awarded 2013 EDAM Business Retention Project of the Year (picture above)


Sue Denkinger for Shoreview Mayor

Email: scdenkinger@gmail.com

Committee for Sue Denkinger for Mayor

4494 Chatsworth St., Shoreview, MN 55126