Shoreview is a successful, stable and secure community with a history of strong fiscal management and a legacy of beautiful parks and trails.  I believe that maintaining the quality of the community is an overarching goal.  If re-elected, I  also plan to focus on:

1)  Economic Development to retain and attract jobs and businesses to maintain a healthy tax base and keep property taxes low, 

2)  Maintain and enhance existing housing stock, including affordable housing options, and leverage our low interest loan programs to attract new families and residents to Shoreview, 

3)  Increase civic engagement of citizens through enhanced communication of city activities and encouraging volunteerism.

We are a nearly fully developed community which presents challenges for both economic development and housing options.  However we have opportunities  in these areas with the help of our  Business Expansion and Retention program, strategic approach toward  redevelopment opportunities, and the ability to manage our activities by maintaining our AAA rating and ongoing fiscal discipline.